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A coarsly sorted list of use cases we want to work on in priority.

Active (0.10)

Use cases we are currently working on.


Finished use cases.

  • Nested pages support
  • Login feature
  • User and Groups view + create
  • Page Rights
  • Search UI
  • Page History UI (page revisions)
  • Real-time support when editing pages
  • Offline mode for remote backends
  • Move/Rename pages
  • Page Edit in Markdown syntax
  • Editing using various markup syntaxes
  • Support macros in Markdown syntax + Editor
  • Commenting in pages
  • Small set of Cristal macros
  • Cristal distribution for the electron app
  • XWiki + Cristal distribution
  • Cristal distribution when accessed through a browser
  • Edit images in WYSIWYG
  • Linking attachments
  • Navigation Tree
  • Mockup for Admin UIs
  • Create/Delete pages
  • Real-time support when editing pages
  • Edit + save pages in another backend (Nextcloud)
  • Linking between pages (including link auto-completion when editing and support of links to new pages)
  • Breadcrumbs for pages
  • Mockup for Attachment UIs
  • Reactive left panel (resizing + ability to toggle the panel)
  • Basic WYSIWYG Edit (new block editor) - Tiptap integration
  • Main UI Design + Implementation
  • Electron Application
  • XWiki as a Cristal backend
  • Continous Integration
  • Project website
  • Methodology
  • Components and extensions based architecture
  • Based on Vue 3 and Web components
  • Abstract Design system approach
  • View pages
  • Basic local backend
  • Save pages (local + XWiki backends)

All Issues

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Current Roadmap

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Old Roadmaps

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