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What's Cristal

  • A new project to provide a modern knowledge base front-end
  • A wiki UI to rule them all: Provide a UI that can be plugged onto various content backends (XWiki, local file system, GitHub, etc.)
  • Usable in various forms:
    • From a URL in your browser
    • Executable locally on your computer (Electron application).
    • Embeddable in backends. For example, the intent on the long run is to have Cristal be used by XWiki as its native UI
  • Ability to work offline and reconnect and sync content.

Main interface mock-up

This is an early mock-up to show what we are striving for. Here we are using Shoelace as a potential Design System for the main interface.


Main interface with the comments section opened



See Developers.

France 2030 Logo

This project is being financed by the French State as part of the France 2030 program

Ce projet est financé par l’État Français dans le cadre de France 2030

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